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Mailing lists

Mailing lists are available for both Aegir CMS users and developers.

The Aegir CMS and Midgard mailing lists are semi-moderated. Subscribers can post without restrictions; non-subscribers can post but their messages will be sent to the moderators for approval. We've made this change to attempt to keep spam off our lists. If you're going to use Midgard you'll want to be on the lists, and if you subscribe you save the moderators time.

List archives

Aegir CMS mailing list are archived at Gmane.

Subscribing to the lists

Subscribe to the Midgard user list by sending an empty mail message to:

Subscribe to the Aegir CMS developer list by sending an empty mail message to:

If you have problems subscribing, contact the list's maintainer at [email protected].

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Aegir CMS is a Content Management interface to the Midgard Application Server (1.4.3-RC-2/SG). It is derived from the Nadmin Studio code base - designed and produced by Linux Center (HK) Ltd. See the Licensing page for more information

The Core Midgard Application Server Midgard Project is free software licenced under the LGPL.