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Latest news

31st Jan. 2003: OSCOM opens conference planning

29th Jan. 2003: Fixed Aegir CMS 1.0 RC1 package released

Aegir CMS provides user-friendly functionality

MS Word compatible content editing

Multi-company hosting

User interface in local language

Staging and scheduled approvals




Nadmin Installation Guide
Mrinal Virnave's guide on installing Nadmin Studio or Aegir CMS on Red Hat 7.3. Important reading for all installations.

Nadmin Studio Manual
Hong Kong Linux Center's manual for using and developing web sites with the Nadmin Studio and Aegir CMS interfaces.

Staging/live setup
Instructions for setting the staging and live replication system for allowing safe preview and approval process with Aegir CMS.


IBM DeveloperWorks Tutorial
A nice tutorial on Midgard. Written by David Seager, a software engineer at IBM, the article describes setting up a basic Midgard site. The article also does a good job of setting up a general context for what Midgard is and how it works.

New Architect on Midgard
The May 2000 issue of New Architect (then Web Techniques) carried an introductory article and tutorial to Midgard by Brian Jepson.

Reference manuals

Midgard Manual
The Midgard manual that provides guidelines for PHP developers on how to use the content management framework. Includes comprehensive API reference.

PHP Manual
The PHP programming language manual and API reference.