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3rd Feb. 2003: New Installation Guide

31st Jan. 2003: OSCOM opens conference planning

Aegir CMS provides user-friendly functionality

MS Word compatible content editing

Multi-company hosting

User interface in local language

Staging and scheduled approvals




Aegir CMS is provided as a tarred repligard package for Midgard and a tar package. Before getting started, be sure to check out the Documentation page.

Discussion and questions related to Aegir CMS should be handled on the mailing lists.

Please note that a working Midgard installation is required.

To get started:

  • Untar the aegir-1.0beta-dirs.tgz package under /var/nadmin
  • Untar the Aegir-1.0-RC1.tar.bz2 package:
    • $ bunzip2 Aegir-1.0-RC1.tar.bz2
    • $ tar xvf Aegir-1.0-RC1.tar.bz2
    • $ cd Aegir-1.0-RC1
  • Install the Aegir CMS packages using repligard:
    • $ repligard -a -i AegirCMS.xml.gz
    • $ repligard -a -i AegirSampleSite.xml.gz
  • Change the Aegir CMS host in MySQL host table
    • $ mysql midgard -umidgard -pmidgard
    • mysql> UPDATE host SET name="" WHERE name="localhost";
  • Set the admin username and password
    • mysql> UPDATE person SET username="admin",password="**password" WHERE id=1;
  • Ensure that you have the correct VirtualHost entry in your midgard-data.conf
  • Log in to Aegir at

Note: Aegir CMS needs to be run under a Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), i.e. or Aliases like localhost will not work.

Note: Users who are upgrading from old Aegir CMS betas of Nightly Builds should remove the snippetdir /AegirCore/Localization before installing Aegir CMS 1.0 RC1 to prevent duplicate translation entries from appearing.


  • 2003-01-29: Fixed Aegir CMS 1.0 RC1 package released
  • 2003-01-27: Aegir CMS 1.0 Release Candidate 1 released
  • 2002-12-12: Aegir CMS 1.0 beta3 released
  • 2002-11-05: Aegir CMS 1.0 beta2 released
  • 2002-09-20: Aegir CMS beta 1.0 released

Aegir CMS is derived from Nadmin Studio. Older releases can be found from