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3rd Feb. 2003: New Installation Guide

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New Installation Guide

Feb 3rd 2003 -- We have posted Mrinal Virnave's new guide for installing Aegir CMS and Midgard 1.4.4 on Red Hat 7.3. The guide is also useful for users installing Aegir CMS on other platforms.

Mrinal Virnave writes: "This is the basic installation for Midgard 1.4.4 with AegirCMS RC-1 and an optional Staging/Live Setup on RedHat 7.3 It has not yet been tested on any other version of linux.
The RPM packages in STEP 1 are important. Many of the compile problems occur because some of these packages are not installed. I have made the RPM list with some help from Bergie and trial and error, therefore it may not be a complete list of the RPMs required for a successfull compile of Midgard 1.4.4.
Hopefully this will be useful to those who have been having problems with the installation lately, and also for newbies. I have tried to include all the commands that I used during the install so that even newbies to Linux may be able to install it."

The installation guide can be found from

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