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Latest news

23rd Dec. 2002: Aegir CMS now has Mozilla compatible editor

19th Dec. 2002: Midgard 1.4.4 released

Aegir CMS provides user-friendly functionality

MS Word compatible content editing

Multi-company hosting

User interface in local language

Staging and scheduled approvals



About Aegir CMS

Aegir CMS is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) built on the reliable Midgard platform.

Aegir CMS's key features include:

  • MS Word -compatible content editor
    • Easy publishing environment for non-technical users
    • Requires MS Internet Explorer 5.01 or later
  • Staging/live setup
    • Prepare you site changes in staging environment, test and finally publish to live site when ready
    • Use scheduled publication or publish to site immediately
  • Multi-company hosting (ASP) support
    • Each company is assigned to their own virtual database
    • User interface can be customized to support ASP provider's brand
    • ChangeLogs system provides easy way to publish system notices
  • Flexible templating and layout system
    • Layout templates can be generated from multiple elements gathered from the site style and the page tree
  • Full Midgard Content Management framework
    • Easy and documented object-oriented PHP programming interface
    • Separation of content, layout and site logic
    • Efficient content management using a hierarchical topic and article tree
    • Flexible attachment of metadata and files to all content objects
    • Replication and packaging utilities

Aegir CMS is derived from the Nadmin Studio M5 code base originally developed by Linux Center (HK) Ltd.


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Aegir CMS login screen

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The Aegir content editor

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Themed version of Aegir in Finnish