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23rd Dec. 2002: Aegir CMS now has Mozilla compatible editor

19th Dec. 2002: Midgard 1.4.4 released

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Aegir CMS now has Mozilla compatible editor

Aegir CMS with Mozilla compatible WYSIWYG editor

Dec 23rd 2002 -- Aegir CMS now has a Mozilla 1.3 compatible WYSIWYG content editor available in the development version.

The editor aims to provide simple WYSIWYG capabilities for all platforms Mozilla runs on (Linux, Windows, Mac and others), and possibly also work with IE browsers. Aegir CMS will continue to also include the MS Word compatible editor for Internet Explorer.

Currently the editor is still marked as experimental, and is only available in Aegir CMS nightly builds. Users wanting to try it can set parameter "Interface","Use_SDHTML" in their user account to "YES". The editor is currently hooked up only for editing topics.

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