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OSCOM opens conference planning

Jan 31st 2003 -- OSCOM, the international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to Open Source Content Management has now opened the planning process for the forthcoming OSCOM 3 conference.

Gregor Rothfuss from OSCOM board writes: "What kind of conference do you want? This question has arisen repeatedly over the last several weeks, as OSCOM board members and interested parties pondered past conferences, and wondered what to do about the upcoming OSCOM III. We decided to do a first, to the best of our knowledge: open up the conference preparation process. Effective immediately, you can take a look at the proposals we received on the redesigned OSCOM site."

The conference planning will take place on OSCOM participants mailing list and the OSCOM blog.

OSCOM 3 will be held in May 28th - 30th 2003 in Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA.

The main OSCOM web site is powered by Midgard and Aegir CMS.

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OSCOM Participants mailing list