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Aegir CMS 1.0 beta2 released

POZNAN, ESPOO, Nov 5th 2002 -- The Aegir CMS development team has released the second public beta of the Aegir CMS Open Source Content Management System.

Aegir CMS is derived from the succesful Nadmin Studio application built on the reliable Midgard content management framework. The application is licensed under the Artistic License-derived Nadmin Studio License.

Aegir CMS's key features include:

  • MS Word -compatible content editor
  • Staging/live setup
  • Multi-company hosting (ASP) support
  • Flexible templating and layout system
  • Full Midgard Content Management framework

Changes from Aegir CMS 1.0 beta1 (released as beta1.0):

  • Installation package:
    • Package fixed to work without preinstalled Nadmin Studio
    • Package doesn't require sitegroups in repligard configuration
  • User interface:
    • Icons are moved to Midgard's attachment system
    • DHTML editor now utilizes standard GNOME buttons
    • Minor cosmetic fixes
  • Core:
    • Aegir CMS now resides in /aegir/
    • NemeinAuthentication used for all authentication
    • New Change Log system for posting system notifications
    • GUIDs and paths separated from Nadmin Studio installation
    • Some minor bugfixes

The Aegir CMS development project aims to further improve the Nadmin Studio codebase to provide the most versatile and user-friendly Content Management System built on an Open Source framework.

New volunteers are welcome to the project. The Aegir CMS codebase provides PHP and Midgard developers a quite easy platform to develop and improve content management functionalities.

Aegir CMS 1.0 beta2 is available for download at:

Aegir CMS requires a working installation of Midgard 1.4.3. Midgard is available in the following formats:

More information:

Aegir CMS developer team
[email protected]

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Aegir CMS is a Content Management interface to the Midgard Application Server (1.4.3-RC-2/SG). It is derived from the Nadmin Studio code base - designed and produced by Linux Center (HK) Ltd. See the Licensing page for more information

The Core Midgard Application Server Midgard Project is free software licenced under the LGPL.