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Change Log

01-Dec-2002 12:12: Lotsa done

  • Image gallery introduced
  • NemeinLocalization introduced almost completely
  • Fixed many of reprted bugs (see
  • Language set on login screen retains after successful login

solt (olga at

28-Nov-2002: Symlink articles

Ported some features from Nadmin Studio 1.4.1-20011228

  • It is now possible to create symbolically linked articles
  • Article approval supports hours and minutes

Bergie (henri.bergius at

17-Oct-2002: Aegir moved to /aegir URL

  • That was the last cut to separate from Nadmin. Now Aegir should live along with Nadmin or even without :-)
  • Added: upload of zipped/tgzipped/tarred files to styles and pages. Files are unpacked and placed in tree. Folders are changed into styles and pages (correspondig) files are changed into styleelements and page. TODO: If uploaded file is not textual make it an attachemnt tu parent object.

Solt (olga at

14-Oct-2002: NemeinAuthentication

  • First implementation of NemeinAuthentication
  • Cleaned up the Aegir authentication API

Bergie (henri.bergius at

11-Oct-2002: Style & Snippet cleanups

  • Renamed snippetdir and style
  • Removed (i hpoe) all of /fimages - now all images should be attachemnts to root page
  • Praying for successfull renamin of root page :-)
  • Some further style iomprovements
  • Henri did successfull experiment with new WYSIWYG editor - Xopus. This OS editor work with both Mozilla and IE
  • I believe it's time to launch Beta 1.1
Solt(olga at

10-Oct-2002: Changelog added

Added experimental feature that can be used in both Aegir and production site to help developers or public keep in touch with changes.

Solt (solt at

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