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Aegir CMS Project has started

Sep 13th 2002 -- The Aegir CMS project has been started by a global group of volunteers over continuing the development of the Nadmin Studio Content Management System.

The main goals of the new Open Source project are:

  • Consolidation of all features from different Nadmin Studio branches into one release
  • Better security and concurrent development support by implementing the common NemeinAuthentication and NemeinRCS libraries
  • Continued development of critical Content Management features
  • Making the interface faster by removing redundant code and heavy HTML
  • Making Aegir CMS fit better the general Open Source environment by utilizing Midgard colors and GNOME stock icons
  • Providing better localization support by using gettext

New volunteers are welcome to the project. The old code base is somewhat complex but has already been cleaned greatly by project participants.

More information

Aegir CMS development team
[email protected]

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Aegir CMS is a Content Management interface to the Midgard Application Server (1.4.3-RC-2/SG). It is derived from the Nadmin Studio code base - designed and produced by Linux Center (HK) Ltd. See the Licensing page for more information

The Core Midgard Application Server Midgard Project is free software licenced under the LGPL.