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12th Dec. 2002: Aegir CMS 1.0 beta3 released

11th Dec. 2002: Aegir CMS has a new logo

Aegir CMS provides user-friendly functionality

MS Word compatible content editing

Multi-company hosting

User interface in local language

Staging and scheduled approvals



Aegir CMS logo contest

Any designers out there?

We need a logo for Aegir CMS, the Midgard content management system derived from Nadmin Studio.


  • Midgard (maps, gold, dark red, black, white, grey)
  • Oceans, seafare (In Norse mythology, Aegir was the god of the sea, seashore and ocean)

What we need:

  • Logo for the web site
  • "Powered by Aegir CMS" button

Bonus items:

  • Color scheme for the Aegir CMS interface (dark, medium, light, very light and link colors)
  • Login screen image (about 604x394 JPEG)
  • Web site design
  • Clip-art for Aegir web site and presentations

Of course, we don't have anything else to offer except having your work included in this cool Open Source package.

Submissions should be sent to:
Henri Bergius, [email protected]

Submissions received so far

Valerio Saggini, Teleura, Italy:

Tony Lee,, Japan:

Andrey Subbotin, Russia:

Friedrich Stahl & Christian, contAire, Germany:

Mrinal Virnave, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA:

Jim McHarg, Canada: